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Case Study


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Serving more than 1,100 member businesses, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board is tasked with sales and marketing efforts targeted at event planners, domestic and international leisure travelers, and worldwide travel trade and consumer media. With work roots in Hollywood, F4D Studio was happy to answer the call for high-quality photography and aerial footage for one of the world’s preferred travel destinations.

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From the seashore to the bustling city centers, Los Angeles is rich with color and culture. When F4D Studio co-owners were tasked with highlighting the top tourist attractions throughout LA county and Hollywood, Travis Conklin and Gabe Rovick packed their bags full of camera equipment and headed back to La-La land for a 16-day, spot-hopping tour of their old stomping grounds.
The LATCB’s gave clear direction on the “Tequila Sunrise” branded look-and-feel, provided a hefty shot list and so the adventure began. Since Gabe and Travis once lived and worked in Hollywood, they were familiar with “the set”, but battling traffic, weather, and smog to achieve the desired deliverables really required them to flex their creative muscles (their real ones too)!

Before pressing go on the project, a good deal of logistical planning took place, and still, the crew had to remain flexible when the best-laid plans were altered by Mother Nature or worse – infamous LA traffic. Over the course of sixteen days, the dynamic-duo scouted and shot more than 90 locations, beautifully capturing some of the most iconic landmarks of sunny California.

The resulting evergreen images are still on display at tourism kiosks around Los Angeles, seen by world travelers passing through LAX, at one of the largest convention centers in the nation – Los Angeles Convention Center, and farmed out to media outlets as stock photography.







Client –
Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

Director of Photography – Travis Conklin

Photographers – Gabriel Rovick and Travis Conklin

Lead Editor – Travis Conklin