Standing up to violence


MARCH, 2018

“The only thing that is going to make this moment different is your voice. You have the power to do the most significant thing of all, which is to change the course of history.” 

– Candidate Mike Johnston (D)

The Way Forward - National School Walkout - Gun Safety

To the thousands of students who walked out last week, you are leading the way on gun safety.The only way forward now is for us to follow you.#NationalSchoolWalkout #NationalWalkoutDay

Posted by Mike Johnston on Monday, March 19, 2018

On March 14, exactly one month after a school shooter in Parkland, Floridatook the lives of 17 people, students across the country walked out of their classes in protest of gun violence. The nation’s collective focus was on the student-led initiative that included a 17-minute vigil to honor the victims.

F4D Studio joined gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston (D) at DSST Byers Middle School in Denver as he  walked with approximately 200 students and faculty in silence around the school. Following the walk out, he hosted an open forum discussion where students were encouraged to speak, comment, or ask questions.

Johnston answered questions from students about his policies on background checks, regulation, and how, under his leadership, he would hold the media accountable when reporting on tragedies.